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Q. Are all the photos on your site really you? 

A. Yes, and all of the photos are less than a year old. 

Q. How tall are you? 

A. I am 5'2 and 108 lbs.

Q. How will you dress for our time together? 

A. I always plan accordingly. I like to know what we are going to do together so I can dress appropriately. If you have any specific requests, make sure to ask me. 

Q. Do you do incalls and outcalls? 

A. I typically only do outcalls. However, I will have an incall on a very limited basis, and it would be in the downtown Seattle area. 

Q. What is your favorite drink? 

A. I love Champagne, Pinot Grigio, and Cabernet Sauvignon


Q. Do you have any friends you can bring with you?


A. Yes! I have beautiful girlfriends that would love to join us. As soon as you are screened I would be happy to send you a photo.


Q. Do you have any tattoos?


A. No, but I enjoy admiring them on others.


Q. Do you travel?


A. Yes, I love to travel. I would be happy to travel to you as long as my travel expenses are covered.  

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